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You know how sometimes people on your friends-list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

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Is the true Self what one is, or what one wishes to be? And if the former is the case, then is it dishonest to try to change?

E.g. I am a sort of loud, blunt, and sometimes annoying person. I really don't like a lot of traits that I have when it comes to socialization. I would like to be quieter and more considerate of others.

Would it be a violation of my Self to pursue a transition to those more desirable traits? Would I lose friends because I act differently, even if I perceive those differences to be positive ones?

livejournal is for whining, right?

It's been a while, eh?

When I drove myself home tonight, instead of getting out of my car and going up the stairs to my apartment right away, I just sat there for ten minutes and cried.

I haven't cried at all since I broke up with Fritz (we're back together now, by the way), and I haven't cried so hard since I came out to my parents years ago.

I guess I just feel really alone lately.

It probably doesn't help that I forgot to take my antidepressants today.

Happy birthday, huh?

a dream in which i care about sports, get sexually molested, and kill a man.

(9:18:42 AM) tangywolf: so here is the dream:
(9:18:51 AM) tangywolf: i was at some athletics convention?
(9:18:56 AM) tangywolf: i have no idea why
(9:19:03 AM) tangywolf: but i was totally there of my own volition
(9:19:17 AM) tangywolf: and i ran into some kid who i went to high school with
(9:19:22 AM) tangywolf: his parents were with him
(9:19:27 AM) tangywolf: and they were literally giants
(9:19:33 AM) broseffritzl: hahah
(9:19:35 AM) tangywolf: his dad was like 7'6"
(9:19:42 AM) tangywolf: and his mom was maybe two inches shorter than that
(9:19:56 AM) tangywolf: his dad kept showing off and like... touching the ceiling and stuff
(9:20:01 AM) tangywolf: because he was SO PROUD of his height
(9:20:16 AM) tangywolf: but while i was talking to them i noticed that my cousin was there too
(9:20:20 AM) tangywolf: so i went over to talk to him
(9:20:46 AM) tangywolf: and he was like "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" and climbed up this pole to shimmy along a wire
(9:20:54 AM) tangywolf: he got like 3/4 of the way across and then fell
(9:20:56 AM) tangywolf: directly
(9:20:57 AM) tangywolf: on his face
(9:21:10 AM) broseffritzl: D:::
(9:21:17 AM) tangywolf: i was freaking out because it made a really gross sound when he hit the hard-wood floor
(9:21:25 AM) tangywolf: so i ran over to him
(9:21:34 AM) tangywolf: and his parents (my aunt and uncle) ran to him as well
(9:21:50 AM) tangywolf: and also a medic or something
(9:22:03 AM) tangywolf: they figured out that he had broken his chin, and they carried him off for medical treatment
(9:22:29 AM) tangywolf: so then i started walking around the convention again
(9:22:44 AM) tangywolf: and there was a place where they were showing off new equipment for taking care of athletic fields
(9:23:17 AM) tangywolf: i was swinging my lanyard around as i was walking, and i accidentally let go of it
(9:23:30 AM) tangywolf: it went into this lawnmower that was sitting out
(9:23:37 AM) tangywolf: like... a big riding mower
(9:23:42 AM) tangywolf: the PRO kind
(9:23:45 AM) broseffritzl: oh no!
(9:24:01 AM) tangywolf: so i was like "uuuugh shit" and crawled inside the mower
(9:24:06 AM) tangywolf: under the seat but above the blades
(9:24:10 AM) broseffritzl: ahahaha
(9:24:24 AM) tangywolf: still close enough to the blades that if someone turned it on it'd CHOP ME TO BITS, though
(9:24:28 AM) tangywolf: and as i was inside
(9:24:38 AM) tangywolf: someone got on the mower and started driving it
(9:24:52 AM) tangywolf: i could tell he was driving it outside to DEMONSTRATE its mowing ability
(9:25:04 AM) broseffritzl: noooooooooooo
(9:25:15 AM) tangywolf: and i started freaking out and yelling "DON'T TURN ON THE BLADES OH GOD PLEASE DON'T TURN ON THE BLADES I'M INSIDE THE MOWER"
(9:25:37 AM) tangywolf: i managed to reach my hand out and hit the driver's foot, and he finally stopped
(9:25:49 AM) tangywolf: then he reached down and sorta dragged me out from inside the mower
(9:26:15 AM) broseffritzl: that was a close call
(9:26:22 AM) tangywolf: oh it still IS a close
(9:26:23 AM) tangywolf: call
(9:26:27 AM) tangywolf: there's a lot more
(9:26:28 AM) tangywolf: haha
(9:26:36 AM) tangywolf: alright, so the guy pulls me out
(9:26:44 AM) tangywolf: and i stand up and sit in the seat next to him
(9:26:53 AM) tangywolf: because for some reason it's like... a cushioned bench
(9:26:57 AM) tangywolf: instead of a normal seat on a mower
(9:27:09 AM) tangywolf: and he's like "BOY YOU COULDA BEEN KILLED"
(9:27:20 AM) tangywolf: i was like "yeah i know. thanks for your help."
(9:27:22 AM) tangywolf: then he like
(9:27:27 AM) tangywolf: starts fondling my crotch :|
(9:27:42 AM) broseffritzl: what :|
(9:27:49 AM) broseffritzl: I even whispered "what" to myself
(9:28:11 AM) tangywolf: haha
(9:28:20 AM) tangywolf: so i grabbed his arm
(9:28:24 AM) tangywolf: and pushed it away
(9:28:32 AM) tangywolf: and said "uh. i'm going to leave now."
(9:28:50 AM) tangywolf: he said "no you're not" and pulled out this really ornate pistol
(9:28:55 AM) tangywolf: it was BEAUTIFUL
(9:29:00 AM) tangywolf: and i think it was made of silver
(9:29:21 AM) tangywolf: because i was sitting right next to him, though, i just reached over and grabbed it out of his hand
(9:29:40 AM) tangywolf: then jumped off the mower and ran a little distance away, pointing the gun at the guy
(9:29:51 AM) tangywolf: he pulled out ANOTHER gun, so i just shot at him
(9:30:06 AM) tangywolf: the bullets fell really fast for some reason, so i had to aim way above him to hit him
(9:30:28 AM) tangywolf: i missed a bunch of times while he was loading the second gun, but just as he was about to shoot at me i actually hit him once
(9:30:36 AM) tangywolf: and as he recoiled in pain i kept shooting
(9:30:39 AM) tangywolf: hitting him a second time
(9:31:16 AM) tangywolf: i was pretty sure he was dead then, so i got in my car and started driving away (this bit happened in the parking lot, so my car was nearby)
(9:31:47 AM) tangywolf: once i was a few blocks away i stopped the car and called 911 to tell them that i'd just killed a dude in the parking lot at the athletics convention
(9:31:54 AM) tangywolf: and explained what had happened
(9:32:03 AM) tangywolf: they told me to just go home and that they'd be in contact or something like that
(9:32:30 AM) tangywolf: but on the way home i saw lang walking on a sidewalk, so i stopped to pick him up
(9:33:02 AM) tangywolf: i was still kinda frantic and adrenaline-filled from what had happened, so i was driving a little bit erratically
(9:33:10 AM) tangywolf: and there was snow and ice on the ground
(9:33:34 AM) tangywolf: at a stoplight i rear-ended the person in front of me because my car slid into them
(9:33:45 AM) tangywolf: so we both got out of our cars
(9:33:54 AM) tangywolf: the guy i hit was about my age and had two girls with him
(9:33:59 AM) tangywolf: and they were all really cool and friendly
(9:34:12 AM) tangywolf: i told them why i was freaking out and apologized for my reckless driving
(9:34:18 AM) tangywolf: and the guy was like "oh dude. it's cool."
(9:34:28 AM) tangywolf: then he sorta popped out some of the dents somehow?
(9:34:37 AM) tangywolf: the car didn't look perfect, but it looked decent
(9:34:54 AM) tangywolf: and it turned out the only damaged part was his trunk
(9:35:03 AM) tangywolf: i gave him my insurance info, and i guess that was the end of the dream v0v